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        Edmonton Engagement Session
        Tiannah + Kale | Chasing Dreams Photography
        August 25, 2018

        I have never laughed so much during this Edmonton Engagement Session with Tiannah + Kale. At one point I had to get them to do stuff over because I couldn’t stop laughing and all I know is when I asked Kale to give Tiannah a piggy back and trot like a horse – he nailed it! Thank you two for picking me to photograph your engagement and cant wait for your wedding next year!

        Their love story ♥

        Kales mom worked for my dad a long time ago and she is the reason I wanted to be a massage therapist. So Kale called in to make an appointment.  I was booking him in and asked if he had ever been here before? Kale said pfft of course I have and all I thought was ya okay.  I was looking him up in the computer so I could get his file and I spelt Thompson instead of Thomson! So I look on the computer and his name was under Debra which is his mom. All I could think was please don’t be her hot son.

        When he came in I asked his name even though I knew exactly who he was. It was her hot son kale ….. Haha so he went into a room with my dad and I said find out if he is single or not. My dad came out saying I think he is single. Kale looked and said I didn’t even know your were Dr. Deans daughter ! Congrats on being a therapist (his mom is the reason I am one so I was like okay that’s a sister card he threw at me).  It’s over; so he came back to see Dr. Dean but I was in a massage and didn’t want to see him because I got nervous and had the butterflies.

        I gave my client an extra 5 minutes so I didn’t see him. Thinking he would be in a room when I got out,  I was filling out my paper and felt someone starring … it was him. I bent down so he couldn’t see me, I was so red. Afterwards,  I was looking at my week and he was booked in with me …. FML… I was so nervous. He came in and I was laughing the whole time and wanted to
        puke haha.

        So I added him on Facebook and he never messaged me for three days and then said thanks. My mom said end the convo and see if he starts another one.. he did ! So I gave him my number, we texted for 6 days and then he went m.i.a for a week and I didn’t care because I talked to him and saw his perfect bum haha. Little to my knowledge his grandma got sick and he was in Ontario.  When he got back he then asked me out that Friday for a date. I was beyond excited but then a client called and she needed in before I left so I cancelled on him. Kale then said after your massage come over and I said o maybe but once I was done I texted him.

        He was watching gossip girl so I said thanks for the invite and this point it was 11:30. He said he didn’t think I wanted to come over so he didn’t ask me again. Miscommunications both ends and he says well tomorrow I’ll take you out. I said I work from 8-11:30 and he said okay so dinner it is. I said I’m flying out . So he said he would take me, I left right after my massage so there was no date. He was like I messed up that bad and when do you come home?  I said three weeks because I was in Edmonton a week before I left.  We texted the whole time I was gone. He called me on New Years and said happy New Years babe ! I WAS LIKE HE JUST CALLED ME BABE AND I DON’T EVEN REALLY KMOW HIM. When I got off the plane from Mexico I went straight to Kale’s . We hung out everyday till 1-4 in the morning and he woke up at 6 for work, we did this for so long . I came home the 2 of Jan and we started dating the 10 of Jan. then here we are today getting married!


        Edmonton Engagement Session | Tiannah + Kale
        Edmonton Wedding Photographer | Chasing Dreams Photography

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