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        Tara & Landon // In Home Engagement Session 
        Home By Blondy Studio // Edmonton, Alberta 

        Tara & Landon’s in home engagement session was filled with so much love and laughs. I promised I wouldn’t fall behind on blogging in 2019, although I have about 10 sessions from 2018 to go here is my first session of 2019.

        These two are such wonderful people inside and out. I feel grateful to know them and so lucky to document their engagement and upcoming wedding in 2020. Tara is an incredible photographer so I of course always feel a little more nervous documenting such a talented soul. Thank you guys for trusting me and for being such real and rad humans.


        We met at a pub on Wing Wednesday through a mutual friend! Landon didn’t remember my name so deemed me “the girl with the toque” because I was wearing a toque at the time. 2 days later we were at the same friend’s birthday and he placed his hand on my knee and that’s when I knew I was hooked, haha.

        Almost 5 years later to the day, Landon somehow convinced me to do a hike in Canmore even though I was miserable because I was still recovering from getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth out. I’m pretty sure I was complaining the whole way up because of the pain and it was cold out but when we made it to the top, we found a little lookout spot away from the main path to sit down. Landon pulled out a little box from his backpack and gave it to me. I was a little confused when I opened it and saw a ring since he had handed it to me closed and said nothing, haha. Once I opened it and pulled out a little poem he had put in there, he said “Do you wanna marry me?” and after asking him if it was a joke about 8 times and crying my eyes out, I said yes. He also cried, but claims it was only 5 tears.

        Favourite food?
        Landon: Chocolate chip cookies.
        Tara: Literally anything with carbs.

        Favourite colour?
        Landon: Navy
        Tara: Maroon

        Favourite thing to do together?
        Landon: Play hockey.
        Tara: Eat food. It’s the key to my heart.

        Who is the funnier one of the relationship?
        Landon: Me
        Tara: Me

        Best relationship advice you have?
        Landon: Communicate!
        Tara: Definitely communicate as well, but also try not to take things too seriously and have fun whenever and wherever possible.

         TARA & LANDON

        In Home Engagement Session


        Thank you for stopping by and checking out the blog! xo