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        Fort McMurray Sunrise Engagement | Tamara + Darren
        September 2, 2018

        This Fort McMurray Sunrise Engagement Session with Tamara and Darren was worth waking up early after shooting a wedding all day prior! These two are SO down to earth. They were game for anything; like getting up really really early. The are so adorable together including their boob shirts they made together! I want one now haha. Thank you both for allowing me to document your engagement session. I loved spending the morning with you both.

        Their Story

        A couple things we love doing together is fishing, dirtbiking, going on road trips and exploring new places together. We met on a dating site and texted back and forth for about a week before we met for lunch.  I walked in to the pub for our first date and looked around and saw this incredibly attractive man sitting a booth by himself. Although I thought that’s definitely not Darren, he’s so handsome. So I turned around and walked out thinking that wasn’t him.

        Stood outside for a second (I have no idea why) and went back in. When I walked through the door that handsome man was standing up waiting for me. As I walked towards him I realized he was Darren after all (the pictures he posted of himself were a little old and definitely weren’t the most flattering). We hit it off instantly and both knew we had found something special in each other and we haven’t spent day without speaking or seeing each other since. He still still teases me about the sweater I wore on that first date which he thinks is ugly (I was trying to dress casual) but I refuse to throw it away and make sure I wear it once in a while when we go out on dates.

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