Sam + Kyle
Windy Day Couples Session

Couples Session
October 25, 2017

Sam + Kyle
Windy Day Couples Session
October 7, 2017

This windy fall day made for the most dreamy couples session and to be honest extremely cold but so worth it. Thankfully we brought a lot of blankets and took a warm up break inside for a mini in home session. I personally love windy days for any couples sessions, or when your curled up at home but other then that I don’t love the windy days. Here is this adorable couples story , his version and her version.

Kyle’s Story

I first laid eyes on Sam four years ago. It was one of those moments when my head turned and I thought..’wow, who’s the new girl?’

After a likely suave introduction, we started getting to know each other more and more every time we worked together. She got the nickname ‘San Fran’ based on her poor preference in football teams. She didn’t know at the time but I would creep her social medias showing off the jaw-dropping new girl to my friends.

Unfortunately, it ended up being that we had three years of bad timing and could never see what could sprout from our undeniable chemistry. Eventually our paths crossed again and we were able to test the waters of what could be. I must have played my cards right because it’s been over a year since that moment and she still wants to talk to me every day!

Saying hello to her in the morning and an ‘I love you’ at night are some of the best parts of my day. I never want to go without seeing her smile, hearing her laugh and holding her close. She supports me in everything and I try to do the same. Through thick and thin we have remained strong and I love her to pieces. We’re the ’17 Bonnie and Clyde.

Sam’s Story

We were friends for 3 years before we started to see each other as more than that. I always knew Kyle was going to be someone I wanted to spend forever and a day with. Today, I’m not sure that’ll be long enough. He’s my best friend and my biggest supporter. He loves ANY type of ice cream or food item, it seriously doesn’t matter what it is. Yet, he doesn’t hesitate to remind me of my allergies so he doesn’t have to share his ice cream. I never knew I could love a best friend the way I love him, even though he tries to drag me to the gym when I’d rather stay bundled on the couch. A year and a half later and I still get excited to see him and love when he’s the first thing I see in the morning. I’m so excited to see where this life will take us, and knowing he’ll be beside me every step of the way has never felt so right.


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