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        Fort McMurray Rainy Engagement | Rosina + Nikita

        Fort McMurray Rainy Engagement was perfectly overcast with a little sprinkle of rain here and there. I love that the rain didn’t matter and we were able to spend the evening together!  Thank you for allowing me to photograph your beautiful engagement session! They get married this October and I hope you two have the most amazing day ever!

        Their Story + Their words ♥

        ‘Twas a beautiful fall day while at Stu’s garage. Both were invited over; there was no mirage. Her helmet removed with slow-mo hair. The drywall hung and redone with care. Two days of work, sweat and beer; asking questions with no fear. Like he cleverly sneaked in one for her cell number; she captivated and lost in his eyes of umber. He initiated the message and made a phone call. Arranged a first date after melting down the Chinese wall. They were both impressed with each other’s values and the conversation; to which everything was summarized by this beautiful quotation: ~ And then my soul found you and it kind of went, “Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you.” ~ With time spent and memories made, they just knew together forever their love is true.

        Tidbits about them:

        Favourite Food – His: pizza, Hers: cheese

        We both like dinosaurs (His: because of Jurassic Park, Hers: she wanted to be dinosaur bone hunter when she was little. We both went to dig up actual dinosaur bones in the summer!)

        Activities we like to do together: ride our bikes in the trails, snowboard in the mountains, acro yoga retreats, travel, spending quality time together and making memories

        Pets: a hedgehog and a budgie (Nikita found the budgie in our backyard, which we later found out was due to someone deliberately letting it go)

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