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        Michele & Cole | Couples Session
        Edmonton, Alberta

        We met at our friends sweet sixteen birthday party (over a Mickey of strawberry vodka) and quickly realized that we had a connection. Throughout high school, Michele and her two best friends would cruise the city with Cole, jamming out to rap music and laughing their heads off. As we grew up, our friendship faded and we settled into our adult lives with other friends and partners.

        Eventually, after we had both been recently single we ran into each other at the gym and decided to pick up where we left off.

        We reconnected so deeply and fell head over heels for each other in a very short amount of time. We have been inseparable ever since that day at the gym 2 years ago. We are best friends, lovers and partners in this crazy adventure of life. We love to travel, soak up the sun and golf (if those can all be gone at the same time it’s a bonus!) we also love going to oilers games together and taking care of all our pups.

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