I personally found one on one mentorship sessions is where I learned the most when I first started out photography.
I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for some of the people who mentored me, shared their knowledge and wisdom.
If you have any questions about a mentorship session just drop me a line.

Photo Credit: Emily Schutz Photography | Edited by Me 


$100/1 hour
Ask me anything and everything, I’m an open book.
We can cover anything you would like for however long you would like.


Let’s grab a coffee and talk everything photography. This one on one session is so we can cover absolutely anything you would like in person from business, website, editing and everything else. Afterwards we will go shoot a couple that I arrange so we can go over how I pose, get couples comfortable and camera settings/lighting. These sessions are fully customizable in length and what you would like to cover for however long you would like. 

Send me an email and let me know what you would like to learn  ♥

Photo Credit: Rebecca Frank Photography


I did a one hour mentorship with Carley and it was the best money I could of spent.
I was just  starting my photography business and she answered so many questions I had.
Not only did she answer any and all questions she gave me so many recommendations about website builders, gear, workflow, and editing. She also emailed me a point form list of everything we talked about! And thank goodness she did because my brain was on overload of everything we
talked about!

I can’t wait to do a one on one session with her one day!

– Ash MacLean Photography


I did a mentoring session with Carley because as a new photographer I
wanted to make sure I started my business in the right direction.
She allowed herself to teach me the way I knew how I learned best
which was by observing her during sessions and because of that I
was able to apply her tips to my own sessions which in turn gave me an amazing review from my client.
You can tell that there is no competition with her, she truly wants you to succeed in your business.

– Gabriela Cruz Photography



For someone just getting into photography, or someone already in the industry, Carley is an amazing mentor! She has so many creative ideas and is willing to teach you everything she knows without holding back on the details.  She will keep you laughing through the entire session which creates such a comfortable environment to learn. If you are just starting out or wanting to get more inspiration from a fellow photog, I definitely recommend booking a mentorship session with Carley… like right now.

– Oak & Owl Photography