Kortney + Zakk
Couples in Home Boudoir

Couples Session
May 6, 2018

Couples In Home Boudoir

Kortney + Zakk
Couples In Home Boudoir
March 11, 2018

I just adore these two. They are the funniest and kindest people I know and I am so thankful Kortney and Zakk have put some much trust in me to capture some of their life special moments and being willing to take clothes off for this amazing in home boudoir session haha. I am beyond excited for their 2019 mountain wedding! Love you guys! xx 

Fun Facts from these two hilarious and amazing people:

1) Zakk actually first “proposed” to me in 2013…well, actually a cardboard cut-out of me that my friends created for a birthday video. The running joke was that Zakk had been in love with me since day one, and I kept him in the friend zone for a long time. Sadly, cardboard Kortney could not respond, so he had to do it again 4 years later…(The cut out was so hilarious and awesome!!)

 2) We believe one of the main reasons we work so well together is our similar taste in music. We are both ABC people (Anything But Country) and believe that rock music is the greatest genre in the entire world. Travelling across the country or travelling across the globe for a rock concert/music festival is something that we do as often as we can. We’re thinking the Pearl Jam concert in Rome might be our next adventure…

3) Since the beginning, we have always been ‘competitive’ with one another (in a healthy way, we promise!)…On our “first date” we went to Sylvan Lake and it must have been at least 30+ degrees outside. When it was time to go home, the vehicle was SO HOT because it was parked directly in the sun and Zakk decided to crank up the heat on full blast and turned on the heated seats. The first person to complain and turn down the heat had to drink a “Wayne Gretzky” (that’s a large Tim Horton’s coffee with 9 creamers and 9 sugars). Let me just say it tastes about as disgusting as it sounds.

4) Our first time ever meeting, it was at one of Zakk’s house parties and I thought I should go up and introduce myself and thank the host for having us. The conversation somehow brought us to what we like to order at Subway…turns out we both had the same favourite sub (which is sweet onion chicken teriyaki on Italian herbs and cheese bread by the way)… and to this day Zakk claims that that was the main reason he decided to talk to me after that and become friends!


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