Are we a good fit for each other?
Each love story is different, and so is each couple. I want to capture what it is that makes you guys you!
All the little quirks and things that make you two who you are when you are together.
If you are the type of couple that doesn’t mind getting a little mud on your shoes,
if you don’t mind the wind blowing your hair around like crazy, and want those real, raw moments captured, I’m your girl.
I want you to enjoy your session and wedding day for what it truly is and what is important.
All that really matters is the love you share for one another!
The love you share for one another isn’t affected by the rain, or the mud on your dress, if you love the perfectly imperfect and
you’re willing to do almost anything for a good photo we are going to be lifelong friends, I promise.
I would love to go adventure together and laugh until it hurts.
If this does not sound like you that is totally ok!  Send me an email and I can recommend some
other amazing photographers that might be a great fit for you! 

What is your style of photography?
I feel like I can use three words to describe my style: moody, intimate and emotional.
I take a documentary approach when shooting sessions and weddings.
I want to document things as they unfold in a natural way with a touch of help from me as needed. 

Do you pose us in photos? ‘Cus we feel awkward in front of the camera.
Trust me, I totally know how awkward being in front of a camera can be! It’s like how do I look? Do I look ok?
I probably look silly right now? haha I think we all ask ourselves these questions, including photographers!
I will direct you guys into poses by giving actions and adjust as needed but seriously you guys are going to be amazing!
I will give you actions like tell each other why you love one another, give her a piggy back ride, tickle each other, or tell me how you met etc.
I promise you won’t be thinking about having your pictures taken.
I  love love, laughter, learning about people and public affection is my job to document!
I just encourage you guys to be yourself, have fun and I will make sure you’re looking fabulous and posed without even knowing it.   

Will there always be two photographers shooting our wedding?
I normally shoot elopements and intimate weddings alone but a second shooter is always an option.
For all traditional weddings a second shooter is included in the price.

What do you charge?
You can find my starting prices over on my investment page and please don’t hesitate to reach out for a detailed pricing sheet. 

What is consider an elopement, intimate, and traditional wedding?
Elopement is considered 10 people and under. 
Traditional wedding is considered 50 people and over. 

Do you travel?
HECK YES! I absolutely love to travel.  About 90% of weddings I book are outside of Edmonton, Canada. 

What gear do you use?
I have two Canon 5d Mark iii.
I only use prime lenses and my go to lenses are:
35mm Canon 1.4
50mm Canon 1.2
85mm Canon 1.2

Do you have backup gear/insurance?
Yes I have another Canon 5d Mark iii.
I have 2m Liability Insurance. 

Do you keep backups of our photos?
I always backup your photos the minute I get home but I can’t say it enough, PRINT your images and BACKUP
your photos on a external hard drive.  
My camera also has dual slots so when I am shooting
your wedding your photos are going onto two different memory cards. 

How far in advance do we need to book you?
Wedding 1-2 years.
Lifestyle Sessions 0-3 months. 

If we need you to stay longer than expected, is that an option?
 Yes. Usually I have the entire day open for your wedding, so just ask and I can stay longer if you need.
Each additional hour is $300.

How long until we get our photos back?
2-4 months depending on the time of the year and my work load.

 How many pictures will we receive?
For weddings you can expect anywhere from 60-90 images per hour of shooting.
Lifestyle sessions you can expect anywhere from 60-90 images. 

Do you need accommodation for our wedding?
If you are getting married 100 km outside of Edmonton a 2 night hotel stay will be required.
Travel fees may apply. Please inquire for more detailed information. 

How do I book you and how does the retainer work?
Fill out the contact form or email me. Assuming I am available for your date, we can start the process.
I require a non refundable 50% retainer to secure the date both for you and myself.
I will send you a contract to sign that covers both parties.
The remaining balance will be due one week after your wedding. 

Tell me more about editing.
I edit every single image that I hand back to you. Your images will approximately be 70% in colour and 30% in black and white (give or take).
I do not photoshop or liquify bodies nor do I superimpose images.
Everything you get back will be edited the same as to what you see on my website, with this said please take
into account that lighting will play a large role in the end product. Lighting is key and extremely important! 

Do you require a place to sit at the wedding reception and do you need food?
I (we if you have second shooter) do need seating, at a table is a bonus.
You are not obligated to provide us with a meal at the reception, however, we will require 1 hour to step out and go have dinner.
If a meal is kindly provided to us, if possible it is best we eat at the same time as the main table
(if you have one of those) so that I can be ready to shoot as soon as the action starts. 

Are permits required for Jasper or Banff weddings?

Yes, I carry a yearly permit for the Banff National Park and Jasper National Park at no additional costs to my clients.
If you are getting married in the town of Jasper, Canmore or Banff additional
permits are required from the town itself but these are NOT covered in the wedding prices.
Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have and for a detailed pricing sheet.