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        Drumheller Horseshoe Canyon | Jallaina + Alexander
        August 15, 2018

        So thankful I got to meet these two a couple days prior to their wedding to do this Drumheller Horseshoe Canyon engagement session. We got every ounce of light we possibly could until it became to dark to shoot. These two are so kind, down to earth and funny. It was such a pleasure spending the night with these two and also being able to document their wedding day. Their day was extremely beautiful and filled with SO much love and emotion.  Stay tuned for their wedding!

        THEIR STORY ♥

        Jallaina and Alexander met at Moxies in October 2012. Another server sat down at the server table the first night Alexander worked and exclaimed that a very sexy bar manager had started that day. Jallaina saw Alexander and said that he “wasn’t her type”. Jallaina was dating a kitchen supervisor at the time that was physically the opposite of Alexander. Time went on and Jallaina and Alexander became work friends and were definitely attracted to each other however both parties were in relationships at the time! Shortly after Alexander’s relationship ended he became aware of Jallaina as a possibility. From that very moment he knew that he and Jallaina would spend forever together. Jallaina and Alexander moved in together very quickly and have been inseparable ever since.

        Drumheller Horseshoe Canyon | Jallaina + Alexander
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