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        When I photograph you and your person; I want you too look back at these photographs and remember every feeling you felt at that moment. We need to have trust and connection between us to be able to create without limitations. It is extremely important for you to trust me wholeheartedly with documenting your stories. I want you to feel like we have known each-other forever so I can document real moments. The moments who make you who you are as an individual, couple and family. Be true to who you are. I will make sure you feel comfortable enough that you won't even think about having your photos taken. Open up to me, be vulnerable and I will give you the best of me in return.

        Send me a message so we can get to know one another and see if we are a good fit! I also have a ton of incredible friends in the industry so even if we aren't the best fit I can send you some rad people who are.