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Tiannah + Kale
Edmonton Engagement Session
Edmonton Engagement Session Tiannah + Kale | Chasing Dreams Photography August 25, 2018 I have never laughed so much during this Edmonton Engagement Session with Tiannah + Kale. At one point I had to get them to do stuff over b ...
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Henry + Brad
Funicular Sunrise Engagement
FUNICULAR SUNRISE ENGAGEMENT | HENRY + BRAD CHASING DREAMS PHOTOGRAPHY This was the first time I have ever been to the Funicular in Edmonton and what a cool spot it was with these two! Brad and Henry are the most down to earth p ...
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Miri + Wolfgang
Jasper Alberta Proposal
Jasper Alberta Proposal | Miri + Wolfgang | Jasper Photographer June 21, 2018 | Chasing Dreams Photography Where do I even start with how incredible this Jasper Alberta Proposal was? I can honestly say it is one of the most rewa ...
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Vanessa + Brett
Whitemud Park Sunset Session
Whitemud Park Sunset Session | Vanessa + Brett I will let their beautiful love story and pictures speak for themself. All I know is you two are SO awesome and thank you so much for modeling for one of my mentorship sessions. You ...
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Kortney + Zakk
Couples in Home Boudoir
Couples In Home Boudoir Kortney + Zakk Couples In Home Boudoir March 11, 2018 I just adore these two. They are the funniest and kindest people I know and I am so thankful Kortney and Zakk have put some much trust in me to ...
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Tyler + Todd
Intimate In Home Session
Intimate In Home Session Tyler + Todd Edmonton, Alberta March 10, 2018 This session was so much fun and I loved being able to spend the morning with Tyler and Todd. I always love learning about people, couples, what makes t ...
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Tara + Landon
Styled Shoot Workshop Edmonton
Styled Shoot Workshop By: Chasing Dreams Photography & Karly Ford Photo Tara + Landon | In Home Session Edmonton, Alberta Styled Shoot Workshop Organized By: Chasing Dreams Photography & Karly Ford Photo Hair: R ...
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Sam + Kyle | Edmonton Styled Shoot
Sam + Kyle | Edmonton Styled Shoot Organized By: Chasing Dreams Photography + Karly Ford Photo Styled Shoot Workshop | Edmonton, Alberta Hair: Reanne at Black Fox Studio / @reanneatblackfox MUA: Katie Soliman at Blush Arti ...
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Amanda + Chris
Spray Lakes Engagement Session
Amanda + Chris Spray Lakes Engagement Session Canmore, Alberta February 11, 2018 Spray Lakes Engagement Session This session with Amanda and Chris was filled with SO many laughs, a couple warm up breaks, two moose and mayb ...
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Kinsey + Josh
Palm Springs Desert Session
PALM SPRINGS DESERT SESSION KINSEY + JOSH NOVEMBER 14, 2017 This Palm Springs Desert Session was AMAZING! I wish I could shoot in the desert everyday, it is seriously just so pretty and warm! (Considering it is like -20 right n ...
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Caleb + Stef
Palm Springs Sand Dunes
Palm Springs Sand Dunes Caleb + Stef Couples Session November 14, 2017 Not many things beat the Palm Springs Sand Dunes with these two beautiful humans Caleb + Stef. Stef and Caleb are talented photographers in California. Cal ...
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Andy + Szerdi
Sunrise In Bali, Indonesia
Sunrise Session in Bali, Indonesia Andy + Szerdi January 3, 2018 Sunrise Session in Bali. This Sunrise Session in Bali was one of the most incredible and beautiful sunrises I have ever seen! It was our last day in Bali before ...
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