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        Edmonton Maternity Session // Cara, Joel, Lily & Gary
        Chasing Dreams Photography

        This Edmonton Maternity session with Cara & Joel was such a great afternoon! I loved getting to know these two and their adorable dogs Lily and Gary! These two are expecting their first baby girl shortly and I couldn’t be more excited for the both of them. You two are going to make such wonderful parents and she is going to have the best siblings, Lily and Gary!

        Thank you both for welcoming me into your home and allowing me to document these special memories for you.

        The Question Round

        1. Any pregnancy cravings?  Nothing too crazy, mostly fruit!

        2. Who do you think will be a better diaper changer?
        Cara: definitely Joel, he’s got more confidence
        Joel: me

        3. Your guys favourite food?
        Cara: I order pizza…a lot
        Joel: veggie dogs

        4. What are you most nervous for when baby comes?
        Cara: Mostly just keeping us all happy and healthy…and the lack of sleep
        Joel: the dogs keeping baby up with all the barking

        5. What are you guys most excited for when baby come?
        Cara: cuddling with her!
        Joel: same

        6. Best advice you could share about being pregnant and expecting for others?
        Cara: We’ve been lucky enough to get lots of hand me downs from friends and family, I’d definitely suggest mom swaps. It can get tempting to buy lots of cute stuff but might not be worth it.
        Joel: don’t take it personal, and be reliable.

        CARA, JOEL, LILY & GARY ♥

        Edmonton Maternity Session